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Welcome to ArtHouse Quilts! I'm Liz Davis. My background is in theatrical design and technical direction, which has been a journey of many roads! I've lived and traveled around the country, but the majority of my life has been spent in Connecticut.


I discovered quilting during my college years when I was inspired by a quilt my mom bought and hung on our family room wall. I bought a pile of fabric, and started cutting and hand piecing my first quilt. I continued piecing tops by hand using traditional piecing techniques and hand quilting smaller projects for several years. 


After a chunky hiatus I ventured into machine sewing and thus began a deep exploration of piecing and finishing techniques. I work with quilting cottons, silks, denim, and previously loved textiles, and experiment with a variety of threads, paints, yarns, beads, crystals, and battings. I'm as inspired and excited making art quilts as I am making the ones that get thrown on my sofa.    


My favorite projects are the ones that share personal stories. I love collaborating with family and friends to brainstorm, design, and personalize their own custom pieces. I look forward to continuing the adventure!

A person standing in front of a colorful pile of quilts

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