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2022, A Year in Review

The end of a year always prompts me to reflect back on my quilting projects and accomplishments. Typically, I finish out the year by sorting out photos of completed quilts. I assess my progress, refer back to classes I've taken, and think about what I'd like to learn or improve in the year ahead. It's always an adventure with fabulous teachers and wonderful class interaction both in person and on social platforms! Below (and above) are a selected collection of projects finished in 2022.

The above quilt began as a pattern test for Sarah Thomas of Sariditty. The top was completed in 2020, and includes denim and gold lamé in the piecing. In completing this piece, ruler work was my main focus and I used Sarah's "Unbraided Wave" ruler to create a sine wave design across the quilt. I also incorporated experimental filler designs in the bulbs, and a specialty knife-edge finish, taught by Bethanne Nemesh in "All the Devilish Details."

Another focus area this year has been original design, combining ruler work with free-hand quilting. In 2021, I took Telene Jeffrey's "Tie Dye Tango" class. Telene's work is elegant and highly sophisticated. My learning from her class extended into 2022 (and will go far into my quilting future) as I worked on creating mandala designs on top of Debra Linker's stunning ice-dyed panels. The above is a combination of ruler work, grid-work, and free-motion feathers, paired with Telene's beautifully designed "Orion's Arrow" stencil.

From September through mid-December of this year I participated in Bethanne Nemesh's Freehand Feather Fiesta class. Bethanne's featherwork is SCRUMPTIOUS! I've been wanting to join this class since she first offered it, so I was thrilled to be able to join her most recent cohort. This project combines feathers from two of our class segments on top of a painted sunset panel I created in Mickey Lawler's "Sky Dye" class in 2021. I set the project into a quilted "picture frame" to hang on the wall as a sampler painting.

The above piece is another painted panel from Mickey Lawler's "Sky Dye" class. The painting technique was designed to represent a waterfall. To accentuate this concept, I quilted random waves, interspersed with bubbles to create movement. The collection of bubbles at the bottom, overlayed with 12wt. rayon/metallic thread, along with the beaded edge finish add dimension to the piece.

Another technique I experimented with this year was English paper piecing (epp). There are a number of epp products available, and for this project I again wanted to focus on adding dimension. I used leave-in hexiform pieces (a.k.a. "squishy epp"), manufactured by Ashmead Designs, which I purchased through Brimfield Awakening, and configured them into an exploded Lucy Boston, "Patchwork of the Crosses" design. I surrounded the pattern with "Graffiti" quilting, learned by one of my very first quilting teachers, Karlee Porter.

As I look back at my very first hand pieced quilts made in the 1990's I realize the magnitude of opportunities for learning both in-person and online that are now available to us. But mostly, I'm thankful for the connections and friendships I've made in our quilting community.

I look forward to continued learning and sharing in the new year!


*The links above are unaffiliated. They are provided for convenience and in support of fellow quilters.


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