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Happy Holidays!

Looking for ideas for those last few gifts or holiday extras? Here are six of my all-time favorite projects!

As we sit firmly in the last weeks of the year, I sit busily in my "workshop" constructing my Christmas gifts realizing that I really need to get all my goodies shipped out (yikes!) this week. There's usually ~25 people I like to gift to, and with so many different patterns available I typically start thinking about my options in September. My plan often results in projects I can "assembly line" and is also dependent on when I'm able to start. This year, the entire month of November was spent creating a couple new quilts for submission into a juried exhibition. That activity curtailed my original plans, so I went with plan b, resulting in the first project below, eight-pointed star ornaments.

Project 1: Eight-pointed Star Ornaments

I was able to make 16 of the below folded 8-point star ornaments within a week. The free pattern and construction video can be found online, by Hello Sewing. These are relatively quick projects. The most time consuming part of the process was deciding on colors and which scraps I could use to accommodate the fabric and cutting requirements. I also chose to stitch my ribbon hangers rather than gluing. These ornaments can also be made using paper and glue.

Project 2: Colorful Rogue Block Pillows

Last year, I had a whole bunch of rogue blocks leftover from a project I had just finished. They were from one of my favorite fabric lines and too pretty to waste, so I stitched them together and made them into pillows, both for our house and gift giving.

Project 3: Peppermint Swirl Table Toppers

My main gifts last year were the below Peppermint Candy table toppers by Geta Grama. These raw edge applique patterns require precision cutting and are well worth the effort. Cutting the main design leaves you with the pieces to create a second, negative image of the quilt. Ta-da! Two projects with the cutting of one!

Project 4: No-Sew Ornaments

The below no-sew ornaments are beautiful and will impress your gift recipients. There are a few free online tutorials. For the below, I used 3" foam balls and followed the tutorial by Jennifer Bosworth with Shabby Fabrics. If you are using a 2" foam ball, Mathew Boudreaux, a.k.a. Mister Domestic, has a wonderful tutorial to follow. As a side note, I have a guild mate who adorns her ornaments with gorgeous layered ribbons for the final finish. Going this extra mile makes her ornaments absolutely stunning!

Project 5: Kris Poor's Fold n' Stitch Wreaths

Kris Poor's Fold n' Stitch Wreaths are gorgeous and depending on fabric choices, can accommodate elegant to whimsical to farmhouse casual décor. I modified the size to make the mini versions below. I've also layered two sizes to make double wreaths. Adding a pearl, bead or button at the closure also creates a beautiful finish.

Here is my double wreath version.

Project 6: Kim Lapacek's Dresden Neighborhood

These Dresden Neighborhoods designed by Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams are so much fun to make, a total scrap buster, and can be modified so many ways! I recently bought a double wide Dresden plate template to create more building types in my neighborhoods.

In a second iteration I added flat top roofs.

I hope these projects add fuel to your creativity and color to your holidays.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and happy stitching!

- Liz

*Note: The links in this post are provided for convenience and in support of fellow quilters!


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